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Selling your Home: Our Plan

Selling your Home: Our Plan

Phase One

Initial Meeting

Learning your Objectives

  • The Property: Features, Details, and History
  • The Market: Important Questions
  • Making a Plan to Move Forward

Positioning Expectations, Timing, Price

Review of General Market       

  • Market trends and recent market history
  • Near-term expectations
  • Seasonal considerations

Review of Specific Market

  • Assessing inventory
  • Assessing competition
  • Demand for property
  • Property marketing periods
  • List price and listing terms

Preparations – Getting Ready

Review of the Plan

Marketing Preparations

  • Improvements, alterations, staging
  • Photography
  • Print, media, internet marketing


  • Document, plans, inspections, surveys, title
  • Disclosures

Monitoring Changes in the Marketplace

Phase Two

Introducing the Property – A Proper First Impression

  • Networking
  • Current Buyers
  • Announcements
  • Print, Brochure, Internet, and Mailing Exposure
  • Strategic Public Relations Exposure
  • Private Review – Market trends and recent market history
  • Broker Preview
  • Monitoring Feedback

Marketing Phase – Our Competitive Advantage

  • Networking
  • Public Relations Opportunities
  • Brochure Distribution
  • Print Advertising
  • Internet Marketing
  • Targeted Mailing
  • Responding to the Market

Showing the Property – How the Process Impacts the Result

  • Creating the Proper First Impression
  • Assessing and Engaging the Prospect
  • Highlighting Property Features
  • Differentiation
  • Answering Questions / Handling Objections: Creating Value
  • Knowing the Competition
  • Demonstrating Opportunity
  • Gathering Client Response


Creating & Monitoring Interest A Critical Responsibility

  • Marketing
  • Networking: Making Sure All Parties are Aware of the Offering
  • Broker Previews
  • Open Houses / Private Previews

Communicating with You Keeping you Informed Along the Way

  • Establishing a Method and an Interval
  • Communicating Marketing Efforts
  • Communicating Activity
  • Market Activity: When Other Properties Sell
  • Changes in the Competitions
  • Your Needs: Changes in the Sale Process

Adjustments – Changes in the Market, Changes in Our Plan

  • Expectations: When Circumstances Change
  • Shifts in the Market
  • Revising Our Plan
  • Moving Forward

Phase Three

Negotiating Offers Where Experience Counts

  • Communicating Before the Offer is Received

  • Attracting the Right Offer
  • Qualifying the Prospect
  • Multiple Offer Situations
  • Pitfalls in a Proposed Offer: Preventing

Future Problems

  • Protecting You
  • Managing Expectations
  • Positioning you to win

Escrow – Executing the Contract

  • Creating a Timeline
  • Managing the Contract: Our Duties and Your Responsibilities
  • Service Providers
  • Inspections
  • Disclosures
  • Additional Negotiations (Repair Items)
  • Removal of Contingencies
  • Preparing to Close
  • Final Details

The Closing – The Day You Have Been Waiting For

  • Transitioning You from this Property
  • Your Closing Statement
  • Post Closing Details

The Future – Jane Bond and The Bond Agency is there for you.

  • Understanding your Future Needs
  • Keeping you informed
  • A Resource for the Future


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