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My name is Jane Bond of The Bond Agency. We’re a brokerage that really cares about our customers. We always go a hundred and fifty percent, because what we do understand is that this is the largest asset they will ever purchase in their lives. Whether they are leaving it as a legacy or they’re buying it as an investment. Our service is what we call Diamond Key Service, which is top-notch. We have everything a buyer or seller will need as far as resources are concerned. This could be marketing, design services, photography, or videography we have it in our toolkit. 

At the Bond Agency, we have a mentorship program, called The Luxury Lab. Our Luxury Lab takes our agents from start to finish with an understanding of what it takes to work in the luxury market. When you deal with high-net-worth clients, there is a certain level of service that is offered to them on a daily basis along with market knowledge, accountability, and responsibility.  And we’re always there, on the phone 24 hours a day, if they need us, we are there. High net worth clients, are "Quiet Luxurians", who are looking for agents that are aware of what their expectations are. As real estate agents, we must really take into consideration the job that’s at hand. We have people that are buying their forever homes, we have people that are buying their dream homes, and we have people that are buying their family homes.

Therefore, our customers are looking for an experience, that’s what we stand for. “We stand for giving customers a great experience and that’s how we get the job done, and that’s Diamond Key Service”. 

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When I think of Jane Bond, the words phenomenal, superior, best in class and authentic immediately come to mind. I met Jane in 2014 when my family and I were moving from Atlanta to Naples, Florida and because of Jane, we were able to find and purchase a beautiful place to call our home. Today as I reflect on our path, I realize how much of a blessing it was to have THE best of the best as my agent and even better, a great and true friend. Jane exudes a winning attitude every time. Her service and delivery are top notch. Best of all — she listens, understands and proves that she truly cares about her clients. Thank you Jane, for sharing your inspirational story and for being our beacon of light through our journey.

– Tricia Walcott, Senior Vice President (SVP), Top 10 Fortune 500 Bank

Jane is one of the most hardest working women I know. Her drive and commitment to operate in excellence is truly unmatched. One thing I love about Jane is no matter the task, she always manages to figure it out and get things done. Her advice is always real and spot on. There is no challenge that she can’t face in life no matter how big or small. Her spirit is genuine and she’s all about the only thing that matters at the end of the day... happiness. If you aren’t happy in whatever you’re pursuing Jane is the first one to tell you to do something else. She sees the good and the potential in everyone. She is passionate about helping others. Our relationship started out as business but has evolved into so much more! I look up to Jane like a sister and I’m sure I wouldn’t have the confidence I have today had she not come into my life. Jane is the definition of success. Throughout her life she’s faced many challenges but still managed to come out on top in each of her career paths. My friend and my sister - A true wealth of knowledge and wisdom is who and what she is.

– Rashauna. Scott, Broker/Investor

As friends of Jane for over two decades, and some of her first clients, Dawn and I have always been impressed with her exquisite creativity and poise. She has helped us to beautify and design incredible spaces for our large family. Her knowledge and expertise is second to none. The only thing Jane does not know how to do is to operate in a manner that is less than excellent! She embodies integrity and the utmost professionalism at all times. What we admire most about her, though, is her sincere heart full of loyalty and her deep desire to give her clients the most amazing experience from idea to execution. We are privileged to count her as a professional we can trust, but we are most honored that she considers us as friends.

– Dawn and Harry Swayne, Harry Swayne Two time Super Bowl Winner

In thinking about the world of real estate, for me I attach one name with the adjectives, professional, honest and pulls no punches the name that comes to mind is that of Jane Bond!  Her work ethic is undeniable or as I would call it top drawer! We all know that when you refer any professional the end result of that relationship always reflects on the person who makes the referral. When I refer Jane Bond I actually sleep like a baby, and never concern myself with one of my clients being unhappy!  A role model and a person we could all learn from. 

– Steven G president interiors by Steven G

Some men wear capes…..and you know when they do they’re about to do something amazing. I would’ve chosen none other than Malik to have guided my wife and I through our condo purchase. He was attentive, diligent, and above all he was preemptive. He knew where to be on the court before the ball left anyone’s hands. We are extremely happy for his work ethic. We have definitely found permanence in Malik and Too Rated Realty. Special thanks to Dawn for informing us if the location, our first meet, and most of all connecting us with Malik. A true power team. Do yourself a favor and make sure your team is the right team from the start like I did, you won’t be disappointed.

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